Planned and unplanned outages affecting generation units

This page provides an overview of planned and unplanned outages of generation units with a nominal power greater than 100 MW.

The tables below detail the unit name, the type of fuel used, the unit’s power before and after the planned/unplanned outage and the date and time when the outage started. When the end date of the outage report is reached, the information is archived. The availability of units is monitored through the publication of available generation capacities.

Unplanned outages

Planned outages


  • Unplanned outages

    Whenever a generator provides notification of any unscheduled unavailability of a generation unit with a power greater than 100 MW, it is immediately published on this page.

  • Planned outage

    If a generator sends a notification regarding a change in the maintenance planning of a generation unit, it is immediately published on this page.


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Information about planned and unplanned unavailability of Production Units are only available here for units whose Producers have chosen Elia as Data Provider, according to the article 4 of Commission Regulation 543/2013 of the EU . A complete overview of all planned and unplanned unavailability of Production Units can be found on the ENTSO-E Transparency platform .

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