Physical flows on the Belgian high-voltage grid

This map shows the physical flows on the Belgian 380kV lines and on the interconnections with the neighboring countries.

The physical flow indicates how heavily the line is loaded relative to the maximum possible line load. The loading [represented by a colour] indicates the relative use of the line.

These values incorporate the N-1 principle, i.e. that the failure of a grid element does not hinder the general operation of the grid and does not create an uncontrolled situation that could lead to a larger incident. In concrete terms, the physical flows of a temporarily de-energized line must be able to be resumed and supported by the surrounding grid at any time. This is one of the essential rules of conduct for electrical grids, recognized by all grid operators.

By default, the map shows the data of the previous day. You have the possibility to see the data at an earlier date by selecting another reference date (until 1/01/2022).


Consult the raw data Physical flows on the Belgian high-voltage grid ( Elia Open Data License )


This map is published for information purposes only and is not intended to be used for operational or decision-making purposes.

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Physical flow

The physical flow indicates how heavily the line is loaded relative to the maximum possible line load. The value is provided in MW for each quarter hour.


The loading of the line [indicated by a color] reflects the relative use of the line and provides information on the ability of the line to absorb additional power in case a grid component tripped. It can vary depending on their transmission capabilities, voltage level and the number of circuits on the line. The colour of a line can vary from one line to another for the same physical flow value.

Colour scale
  • Green: less than 50% of the loading
    Orange: loading between 50% and 70%
    Red: loading greater than 70%
    Grey: no data available


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