Transparency obligations

Transparency on Grid Data contributes to the European electricity market and to the  compliance, and is subject to a set of obligations stemming from European regulations and network codes.

General principles

Elia contributes to energy market transparency by publishing various data and information on its website and through external platforms:
  • These publications provide market participants with the data needed to ensure, in partnership with Elia, the proper functioning of the electricity system and market.
  • They ensure availability of the data in accordance with national and European legislation and regulations, including transparency regulation, REMIT regulation, European network codes and network management directives.

Internal publication initiatives

For the operational implementation of market mechanisms and the monitoring of the use of the transmission grid (production - load - flow) to be possible, we must share a wide variety of data, which we publish on our website.
These may be published under contractual clauses between Elia and market parties, in response to specific requests from our supervisory authority or according to transparency agreements between Elia and a third party (e.g. Elia-FEBEG agreement on generation data transparency).

In addition to these Elia initiatives, the European context imposes on us various Transparency obligations, falling into different regulatory domains, specified below.

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