Training sessions for operators

Operators must be capable of accurately assessing the risks associated with their work and their work environment.

What exactly is an operator?

An operator is a person working on or near an Elia facility, under the supervision of a work leader.

To be able to carry out their work properly, operators must be capable of accurately assessing the risks associated with their work and their work environment and taking the appropriate personal safety measures.

‘Operator’ certificates are issued as confirmation that their holders possess these abilities.

One certificate type

For Operators, there is only one profile. This “Operator” profile make them able to work is one of those fields:

  • Substation
  • Cables
  • Lines

How to obtain certification as an operator

  • Apply to register

    You can register for one of these two services for one or more certificate types

    • Test on Elia’s premises only: watch the e-learning (see below) and register for a scheduled test session. This service is free of charge .
    • Test on the contractor’s premises only (min. 20 participants): your employer holds a test session on its own premises; the test is supervised by an Elia examiner. There is a flat fee of €1,750 for this service.

      Click on Register to register for one of these services and upload your BA4/BA5 declaration of competence and your photo. (NB: any subscription that is not compliant will be rejected.)

      Due to limited sets, companies are urged to put their employees in groups of no more than 12 people wherever possible.
      The test may be taken in the following languages : French, Dutch, English, German, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Bulgarian, Romanian, Italian and Spanish.
      There is also the possibility of taking the test orally. You can indicate this in the comments of the application. The test will take place at 07:30 before the start of the sessions.

      In order for the registration to be successful, please select the profile "GSIS Operator + GSIL Operator + GSIC Operator" in the registration form.
      The registration deadlines are as follows: minimum one week in advance for tests on Elia’s premises and one month in advance for tests sessions on the contractor’s premises .

      The participants’ names and/or the tests for which they are registered can only be changed on the website, and only if the registration for the relevant session is still open. Once registration for the session is closed, changes can no longer be made.
  • Test/training session

    As mentioned on the main page, your registration is final as soon as you receive confirmation that you have registered. Please bring the following to your test session:

    • your identity card or, if you are not Belgian, your passport;
    • confirmation of your registration.

    Please go to reception at least 10 minutes before your appointment time, while also taking care not to be late. In case of delay, please inform us by e-mail at [email protected] . Depending on availability, the test will be authorised later or cancelled.
    Furthermore, it is extremely important that you not attend if you feel unwell or have symptoms of COVID-19.

  • Pass criteria

    To be certified as operators , participants must score at least 8/10 on the test.

    Participants who do not score at least 8/10 must wait two weeks to be able to retake the test. This is because we believe that participants will need two weeks to go through the material again.

    Participants who pass the test will be issued with a badge on the same day (if they took part in a test session on Elia’s premises) or three weeks. It is the responsibility of the participants to communicate their results to their company.

    This badge will enable them to access Elia’s facilities and carry out work in or on these facilities. It is valid for maximum two years (provided that the BA4/BA5 certificate covers this period).

  • Basic knowledge

    Anyone seeking certification as an operator must have the level of basic knowledge required for operators of the risks present in Elia facilities and the prevention measures used to address them.

    This may require knowledge of the risks and prevention measures explained in the e-learning.

    The e-learning can be found under ‘Course material’.

You can register by clicking on the dates in the calendar below

Training and test

*The registration is available until the mentioned date or until is complete.

Course material

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