Bidding prices by volume level

Elia publishes marginal prices for each volume level of the available balancing energy.

Published information on bidding prices by volume level

The information published here about the marginal prices for each volume level of the available balancing energy is based on bids and nominations – both day-ahead and intraday – submitted by BRPs and BSPs, taking into account the known technical and contractual constraints.

The information published here should not be regarded as an advance simulation of the actual volumes activated or the actual prices applied, since additional grid, technical and/or safety constraints may arise that could not have been predicted beforehand.
The information published here is subject to the following limitations:
  • ARPs must provide accurate day-ahead and intraday schedules if the published information is to be accurate. No actual injection measurements are taken into account. Deviations from the nomination schedule are the sole responsibility of the ARP and are managed though the imbalance tariff;
  • Proper use of IDPCRs to report intraday changes or FOs is vital for ensuring that the estimated available balancing margin reflects the actual situation as closely as possible;
  • Events affecting intraday operations and not recorded with an IDPCR (IDPCRs cannot be used to report changes occurring within the hour before real time) are not taken into account when calculating the available balancing volume and the corresponding prices;
  • If reserves could potentially become unavailable due to grid, technical and/or safety constraints, this is not taken into account;
  • Product-specific limitations are inserted in the table below.

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