Emergency situations

Main emergency procedures and associated regulations and standards are listed on this page.

A safe grid operation in all circumstances

In normal situations, the ancillary services enable Elia to maintain frequency and voltage within the operational limits, to control the risks of congestion and to manage the balance between production and consumption.

However, in exceptional situations, these ancillary services may no longer be sufficient or may be unavailable to operate the grid normally. The emergency procedures developed by Elia in accordance with the European and national standards and regulations allow dealing with these exceptional situations.

Elia's emergency procedures have been discussed with DSOs, significant grid users and public authorities and have been validated by the Minister of Energy.

Participation of restoration service providers to restore the grid

In order to restore the grid following a large-scale blackout, Elia calls upon Restoration Service Providers on a contractual basis to initiate the restoration. These so-called "black-start" production units have entered into a contract with Elia and are subject to the terms and conditions governing the role of the Restoration Service Providers.

More information

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