Physical flows Belgian balance

Electricity moves freely around the interconnected grid, taking no account of borders between countries.

Reference date:

These data are identical to those published by Elia on the ENTSOE Transparency platform in accordance with Article 12.1.G of the EU Regulation 543/2013. However, values displayed are quarter-hourly values on our website , versus hourly average values on Transparence's ENTSOE platform, which may result in some differences.


  • Graph explanation

    Each graph represents one border. A positive figure means that Belgium exports energy, while a negative figure indicates an import. Using the calendar, you can call up data for each of the past 365 days and select a reference date.
    The graph represents the balance of physical flows at Belgian borders and therefore indicates whether the country imports or exports energy for every quarter of an hour.

  • Green curve

    Data for the same day, up to one quarter-hour before the page was opened.

  • Orange curve

    The flows for a reference day (the previous day is shown by default).

  • Vertical line
    Current time of day.

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