Auctions and sale of Walloon federal green certificates

Elia purchases Walloon green certificates at a federal guaranteed minimum price and regularly sells them at auction.

Elia's role

In accordance with Article 14 §2 of the Royal Decree of 16 July 2002 on the introduction of mechanisms promoting renewable electricity generation, Elia, as the transmission system operator, purchases Walloon green certificates at a federal guaranteed minimum price. Elia regularly sells these certificates at auction.

Notice of next auction

There are no notices of upcoming auctions at present.

Schedule of upcoming auctions

Announcement by Elia Deadline for submission of participants' offers Attribution Auction scope
20/06/2023 Federal regulation – Walloon Green Certificates

Publication of results of past auctions

The table below shows the results of the auctions held this year and last year.  Results from previous years are available upon request.
Date Number of certificates Price Issuing body
16/06/2022 2.845 €64,30
02/06/2021 3.548 €65,41
17/06/2020 3.836 €68,46 SPW
18/06/2019 4595 €69,77 SPW
14/09/2018 4 858 €69,02 SPW

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