Available generation capacity forecast

This page contains an overview of the available generation capacity of facilities with a CIPU contract.

This forecast covers a period extending from one day ahead to the end of the current year for facilities with a CIPU contract (Contract for the Injection of Production Units). Producers participating to this publication: EDF Luminus, Electrabel, Eneco Energy Trade, Enel Trade, RWE Supply & Trading, T-Power.

Available capacity forecast of all units aggregated by fuel type

Available capacity forecast by unit exceeding 100 MW

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Information about forecasts of the available capacity of the “Langerlo 1”, “Langerlo 2” and “Plate Taille” generating units will not be published on this page from 1 January 2015 onwards. Information about a units is available either on the Transparency Platform or from the producer.  a

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