For planning purposes, market players must submit schedules for access to the Elia grid in advance. How do they do this?

The liberalisation of the electricity market has led to an increase in data that must be exchanged between the grid operator and the market players. For planning purposes, schedules for access to the Elia-grid have to be submitted in advance by market players. This could be achieved:

  • on Day ahead Market (one day before execution);
  • on Intraday Market (on day itself, before execution).

These schedules allow the grid operator to plan the net security of the grid and to check the balance between injection and off-take.

Scheduling system

Elia has introduced a scheduling system based on the XML messages. This system allows a direct connection with Elia's servers for submitting schedules and consulting the status of previously submitted schedules, while safeguarding confidentiality.

Schedules can be generated in two different ways:

  • a "Business to Customer" interface (B2C) using a web browser interface (password required);
  • a "Business to Business" interface (B2B) using XML message transfer.
Energy Scheduling Office

For all nominations (except Intraday Cross Border) and request for access to the system

Opening Hours:
Week: 7h-15h15
Weekend or Bank Holidays: 12h-15h30

National Control Center
For Intraday Cross Border nominations


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