System Operation & European Market Design Working Group

This working group deals with the operation of the high-voltage grid, capacity calculation and European electricity market integration.

What does the System Operation & European Market Design Working Group do?

The electricity system will undergo many changes in the coming years, triggered by developments like the large-scale incorporation of renewable energy sources , the deepening integration of Europe’s electricity markets, and the shift towards more decentralised generation .

These changes will have a substantial impact on European market design and on core aspects of system operation .

Cooperation with market parties

Against this backdrop, close consultation between grid users and the transmission system operator is essential. Where market conditions are disrupted, for instance, close cooperation is necessary for ensuring safe system operation.

In circumstances like these, the system is largely dependent on grid users’ behaviour and response. It is therefore vital that grid users and system operators  share their vision with one another and devise appropriate technical specifications to ensure system security.

Joint positions, shared knowledge

With that in mind, the members of the System Operation & European Market Design Working Group undertake to:
  • adopt a single position on initiatives and developments relating to European market design. Given the cross-border nature of these European projects, the working group seeks to establish a joint Belgian position;
  • share their opinions on aspects of system operation. By doing so, they come to know and understand one another’s needs, which helps them to produce appropriate technical specifications to ensure grid security.


This working group was formed when the Elia Users’ Group decided to merge the System Operation and European Market Design Working Groups on 17 March 2016.

The System Operation & European Market Design Working Group meets four to five times a year and reports directly to the plenary meeting.

Administrative duties for this working group are handled by:
  • Chairmen: Filip Carton and Benjamin Genêt
  • Secretary: Thomas Van Den Broucke


Within the framework of Article 16 of Regulation (EU) 2019/943 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 5 June 2019 on the internal market for electricity (recast), also known as the Clean Energy Package 70% rule (CEP70), TSOs can submit a request for derogation. When granted a derogation, the TSOs have to subsequently publish a report detailing the methodology and projects that shall provide a long-term solution to the operational security risks forming the foreseeable grounds of the derogation.

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