Adjusting a connection

Grid users wishing to adjust their connection must notify Elia. How should they go about it?

Any grid user wanting to adjust their connection (to take off more energy or install a new generation unit , for instance) must notify Elia.

In-depth study

Grid users can request an in-depth study to this end. Should adjustment actually prove necessary, Elia will make an offer for an in-depth study based on the regulated tariffs. Otherwise Elia will confirm that an in-depth study is not required and that the requested adjustment is considered a minor modification to the connection.

The Federal Grid Code stipulates that when applying for a detailed study, Elia must check whether the planned changes to the installation involve substantial modernisation.

Substantial modernisation

Substantial modernisation takes place when the intended changes to an existing installation, based on the assessment criteria listed in the Federal Grid Code, are considered to be sufficiently major to require full or partial compliance with the Federal Grid Code and the European network codes.

If the grid user intends to add an additional generating unit to existing units, modify existing generating units or renew equipment in existing units or demand facilities, then substantial modernisation of the existing generating unit or demand facility may be required.


The requester selects 'In-depth study' on the connection request form. They must then enter the technical specifications required to conduct the study. Once any attachments have been added, the form is sent to Elia by email. Elia may request any additional information it needs to complete the in-depth study.


The cost of an in-depth study is based on the applicable tariffs. The studies conducted by Elia as part of the connection process are subject to the general terms and conditions, which are applied in a non-discriminatory way.

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