CCMD Working Group

The Working Group Consumer-Centric Market Design addresses questions related to the design and the implementation of an upgraded market design to fasten the energy transition and foster innovative energy solutions.

What does the Working Group CCMD do?

The Working Group CCMD focuses on the implementation of a Consumer-Centric vision aiming, amongst others, at unlocking the flexibility needed to fasten the energy transition.

In this Working Group, Elia intends to discuss the two key features identified to deliver major benefits for a consumer-centric market design:

  • The implementation of a platform to support exchanges of energy blocks (EoEB)
  • The evolution to a real-time imbalance price (RTP) that reveals the true value of flexibility

Facilitating the development of additional flexibility comes altogether with the development of a clear incentive, the real-time price.

Collaboration with Market parties

All energy stakeholders: grid users, suppliers, balancing responsible parties, aggregators, energy service providers, federations, but also the authorities and the Belgian regulator are invited to participate to this Working Group CCMD.

Elia strongly believes that this collaboration will lead to a solid solution based on a common position that takes into account the needs and constraints of energy market stakeholders.


The Working Group CCMD reports directly to the plenary meeting of the Elia Users’ Group and meets five to six times a year.

Administrative duties for this working group are handled by:

  • Chairman: David Zenner
  • Secretary: Amandine Leroux
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