Alleviating congestion risks

With a view to guaranteeing secure grid operations, Elia coordinates assets, among others, using generation schedules and residual flexibility provided by Scheduling Agents.

Elia uses active power schedules for generation units received after the closure of the day-ahead market as input in security analyses. These analyses can pinpoint congestion risks on the grid.

Remedial actions

Generation schedules and overviews of flexibility available at every generation unit help to determine the remedial action that Elia could take to eliminate risks. Elia can ask producers to change generation schedules by increasing or decreasing active power output or even by requesting that a unit be started up or shut down, if necessary and possible. Elia compensates producers for such requests.

Elia currently primarily receives schedules and flexibility information for generation units with an installed capacity of at least 25 MW that are connected to the Elia grid. Other generation units may also be included in the contract with a view to being coordinated by Elia (units liable to seriously affect the Elia grid) or offering specific system services (if a coordination contract is a prerequisite for provision of the service).

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