Intraday capacity

Elia has introduced interconnection capacity allocation mechanisms for transnational energy exchanges. These mechanisms satisfy market demand in a transparent and non-discriminatory manner.

Net transfer capacity (NTC)

Available intraday capacity at auction opening

Available intraday capacity at the last closed gate

Available intraday capacity at the last closed gate.


  • Net Transfer Capacity (NTC)
    These intraday NTC values are calculated at the boundary of the Elia control area, on the Belgian side of the NemoLink HVDC cable.
  • Available ID capacity

    The capacities provided to the allocation platforms are the final ID ATCs.
    For more information, see the context paper and the approval package for the intraday capacity calculation methodology.

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Energy scheduling office

These data on the available intraday capacity are published for information purposes only and are not legally binding . The data are only updated once an hour and reflect the capacity available before each allocation gate . The values provided could therefore differ from the current available transfer capacity . Market parties are informed of the current available intraday capacity - updated in real time - through XBID on the market platforms run by the NEMOs (Nominated Electricity Market Operators).

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