External system for reporting integrity violations

Since Elia attaches a great deal of importance to ethics and compliance, it would like everyone to have the opportunity to report situations that are inappropriate under its Code of Ethics and/or the prevailing legislation and regulations. To that end, Elia has set up a reporting system open to all employees and stakeholders (suppliers, subcontractors, unions, NGOs, etc.).

The system is safe , easy to use , confidential and, if so desired, anonymous .

How it works

Anyone wishing to submit a report can do so via the external ethical notification system EthicsAlert , a secure web application managed by an independent third party specialising in these matters.

  1. You can submit a report (which can be anonymous, if you wish) via the external EthicsAlert reporting system. Reports can be submitted 24/7 in Dutch, French or English. You'll receive a security code allowing you to follow up on your report and/or initiate a confidential dialogue with the manager in charge at the external service provider.
  2. After acknowledging receipt of your report, the external service provider will verify its admissibility and carry out an initial assessment. You will be informed about the admissibility of your report.
  3. The external service provider will then send an opinion to Elia's reporting committee on which approach it thinks should be taken.
  4. Based on this opinion, Elia's reporting committee, which comprises representatives from Internal Audit, Legal and HR, will decide whether the investigation should continue and, if so, by whom, with what resources and via which method.
  5. Once the investigation is complete, the reporting committee will inform you of the result of its investigation and the action taken, whether or not via the external service provider.
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