Load and load forecast

Continuously tracking and forecasting the load allows Elia to operate its grid smoothly around the clock.

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  • Weekly total load
    • " Time interval "
    • " Forecast period "
      The forecast period always begins with the D Forecast (intraday data) and runs to the D+6 forecast (future data).
    • " Week ahead forecast "
      This is a snapshot of the D+6 forecast and is updated at 5 p.m.
    • " Day-ahead forecast "
      This is a snapshot of D+1 forecast and is updated at 8:45 a.m.
    • " Most recent forecast "
      The most recent forecast is refreshed every 15 minutes for the remaining hours of the current day.
  • Elia grid load

    The Elia grid load is the total load minus non-measured generation on DSO grids.

  • Total load

    The total load includes all the electrical loads on the Elia grid and on the distribution systems connected to it. It also takes account of the estimated power losses. The total load is based on a combination of computation, measurements and extrapolations. In case one or more of the inputs is missing, the graph as well has the historical data will show blanks.

  • Change filters on the graph
    Changing the filters en clicking on the refresh button will adapt the graph display accordingly. Note that you can also click on the graph legend to select/unselect curves to be displayed.

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