Monthly capacity

Elia has introduced interconnection capacity allocation mechanisms for transnational energy exchanges. These mechanisms satisfy market demand in a transparent and non-discriminatory manner.

Belgium - Netherlands

France - Belgium

Belgium - France

Great-Britain - Belgium

Belgium - Great-Britain

Germany - Belgium

Belgium - Germany


  • Net transfer capacity (NTC)

    The net transfer capacity (NTC) is the forecast transfer capacity agreed by Elia and its neighbouring transmission system operators (TSOs) for imports and exports across Belgium’s borders. Visit Transmission capacity at borders for more information on the calculation method.   EU Regulation 543/2013 refers to net transmission capacity as 'forecasted capacity'.

  • Proposed capacity

    In accordance with the split rules mentioned above, the 'proposed capacity' is calculated before yearly capacity resales are included in the monthly auction.

  • Capacity for auction

    This is the sum of the proposed capacity and the resales of previous capacity at the monthly auction. Monthly capacity is sold on the market through explicit auctions organised by JAO.EU, an auction office set up by a group of TSOs (including Elia). EU Regulation 543/2013 refers to this capacity as 'offered capacity'.

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Energy scheduling office


Joint auction rules for the allocation of capacity across borders within the CWE (Central West Europe) region were implemented on 1 November 2009, as agreed between the seven transmission system operators active in the CWE region. The auctions are organised by JAO.EU, an auction office. Auctions are organised to allocate yearly capacity across Belgium's borders. Long-term (yearly, quarterly, monthly and weekly) capacity is calculated using an NTC-based method.

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