The spring schedule has been adjusted because of a few factors (snow cancellations the first weekend, 2 Friday games needed to be moved because of existing conflicts with a team and Washington Episcopal School forgot that this was for an adult league and they do not rent to adults…).

Please see the updated schedule (attached) and be sure to share this with other players so there is no confusion on games moving forward.

A few things to keep in mind with the schedule adjustments:

  • All teams were affected – SO PLEASE MAKE SURE TO USE THIS SCHEDULE MOVING FORWARD.  PLEASE DISREGARD THE SCHEDULE THAT WENT OUT THE FIRST WEEK OF MARCH. When you make one adjustment – the dominoes fall and all are impacted…
  • All teams (except two) have a Saturday game now
    • If we are going to stay within the confines of the spring timeline (ending before Memorial Day Weekend) – make-ups might be on Saturdays to ensure we get all games in…
  • The two games at Landon that say “pending” – those are 98% locked in so don’t worry about the “pending” note.  The league just doesn’t have the actual permit in hand, but they have gotten assurance over email that they will be fine so please plan to play at those times at Landon.

Please take a look and let Matt Breslin ( know if you have any MAJOR issues. As a reminder – teams are off next weekend 4/3 – 4/5  for the holiday.


Spring 2015 SSL Revised Schedule (As of 3/24/15)